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How Long Ago Was The Vietnam War

                                             The Vietnam War

Historical Importance of the Vietnam War : The Vietnam War was the extended struggle between patriot forces trying to unify the country of Vietnam under a commie state and the US trying to forestall the growth of communism. Engaged in a war that many viewed as having no way to win, U.S. Foreign conflicts.

Dates of the Vietnam War : 1959 — April 30, 1975

A. A : American War in Vietnam, Vietnam Conflict, Second Indochina War, War Against the Americans to Save the nation

High level view of the Vietnam War :

Ho Chi Minh Comes Home

There had been fighting in Vietnam for decades before the Vietnam War began. The Vietnamese had suffered under French colonial rule for nearly 6 decades when Japan attacked portions of Vietnam in 1940. It was in 1941, when Vietnam had 2 foreign powers occupying them, that red Vietnamese revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh arrived back in Vietnam after spending thirty years traveling the planet.

Once Ho was back in Vietnam, he built a HQ in a cavern in northwards Vietnam and established the Viet Minh, whose target was to rid Vietnam of the French and Japanese occupiers. Having gained support for their cause in northwards Vietnam, the Viet Minh announced the creation of an independent Vietnam with a new govt. called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on Sep 2, 1945. The French Nevertheless, weren’t willing to give up their colony so easily and fought back.

For years, Ho had tried to court the U. S. to support him against the French, including supplying the U.S. Despite this aid, the united states was completely dedicated to their Cold War foreign policy of containment, which suggested stopping the spread of Communism. This fear of the spread of Communism was heightened by the U.S. “domino theory,” which said that if one country in Southeast Pacific Rim slipped to Communism then surrounding states would also shortly fall. To help prevent Vietnam from becoming a communist country, the U.S. Made a decision to help France defeat Ho and his revolutionaries by sending the French military help in 1950.

France Steps Out, U.S. Steps In

In 1954, after having a decisive defeat at Dien Bien Phu, the French made a decision to pull out of Vietnam. At the Geneva Conference of 1954, a bunch of nations met to determine the way in which the French could peacefully withdraw. In addition, a general democratic election was to be held in 1956 that would reunite the country under one govt.. The U. S. declined to accept the election, fearing the communists might win.

With a little help from the united states, South Vietnam carried out the election only in South Vietnam rather than nationwide. After getting shot of the majority of his competitors, Ngo Dinh Diem got voted in. Since Diem had alienated many South Vietnamese during his tenure, red sympathizers in South Vietnam established the national Liberation Front ( NLF ), sometimes called the Viet Cong, in 1960 to use guerilla warfare against the South Vietnamese.

First U.S. Ground Troops Sent to Vietnam

As the fighting between the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese continued, the U.S. Continued to send further advisors to South Vietnam. This resolution gave the President the authority to escalate U.S. Involvement in Vietnam. Ground troops to Vietnam in March 1965.


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